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Central Office 
Danesh Rayaneh Iranian Company,  Unit 13  ,Building 44, South Iranshahr St.,Ferdowsi Square,  Tehran, Iran


Sale Office  : Danesh Rayaneh Iranian Company,  Unit 14,  Building 44.,South Iranshahr St.,Ferdowsi Square,  Tehran, Iran

Customer Support Services  Danesh Rayaneh Iranian Company,Unit 5, ,  Building 139,  North Iranshahr St.,Ferdowsi Square,Tehran, , Iran

Phone Number :(10line)+982188310051,+982188141449,+982188141373

Fax: +982188828179
Email (commercial Assistant):  trading@medri.co.ir
Mobile(commercial assistant): +989124497256

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This Logo Of Our Product Just for Stock of Our repository but we are Exclusive agent Of Hiti Company and don't have any Responsibility of any Other Companies .